FCC on iTunes U

Welcome to Frederick Community College on iTunes U

Frederick Community College has been selected to join Apple's iTunes U program.  With Frederick Community College on iTunes U, you can use iTunes to get course materials, lectures, seminars, and all kinds of valuable information related to your studies. Log on to iTunes U with your myFCC username and password, download your selections to your iPod, and study anywhere.  Don't have an iPod? Don't worry.  You can access iTunes U from any Windows or Mac OS with Apple iTunes installed and even copy the content to other MP3 players. 

Public Access

Secure Access

Public Access provides download-only access to all of Frederick Community College on iTunes U content.

Click here to load the iTunes U site

  myFCC Username: 

  myFCC Password: 

Login to your iTunes U account

Enter your myFCC login information in the box above and click Submit.  If you have iTunes installed on your workstation, Frederick Community College on iTunes U will launch within the iTunes client.  if you have never used your myFCC email account, please login to your email account before logging into iTunes U.  myFCC is accessed via https://myfcc.frederick.edu.
  • Enter your username: Your username is w + your student ID (ex. w1234567). Click the "login" button.
  • Enter your password: Your default password is the first two letters of your last name plus the last five digits of your student ID. (ex. example: sm34567).
If you have followed the above and can not login, please visit the myFCC support page and/or submit a request through the myFCC request page.


Apple's iTunes is required!

You must download and install iTunes from Apple prior to using Frederick Community College on iTunes U.  The client is available on Apple's website at:  http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/