College Procedures


1-12 Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

  • A- Institutional Effectiveness
  • B- Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
  • C- Institutional Effectiveness Evaluation/Assessment Cycle
  • D- Effectiveness Reporting Practices
  • E- Effectiveness/Assessment Procedure Assumptions
  • F- Effectiveness Assessment Resources

1-14 Meetings Procedures

  • A- Public Invited
  • B- Agenda
  • C- Public Participation
  • D- Disruptive Conduct
  • E- Recording, Photographing and Broadcasting
  • F- Dates for Regular Meetings

1-20 Board of Trustees Public Information Act


2-11 Approving and Modifying Institutional Policies and Procedures

  • A- Preface
  • B- Employee Welfare
  • C- Non-Welfare
  • D- General Administrative Protocols


3-11a Grievance Procedure for Employees

  •  A- Defined
  •  B- Procedural Steps
  •  C- Specific Conditions 

3-11b Workers Compensation

  • General
  • Responsibilities

3-12a Classification, Reclassification, & Compensation for Administrative & Support Positions

  •  A- Position Classification
  •  B- Requests for Reclassification
  •  C- Reclassification Appeal Process
  •  D- Salary Scale Placement
  •  E- Extra Hours Compensation and Overtime

3-12b Additional Conditions of Employment for Faculty

  •  A- Conditions and Responsibilities of Employment
  •  B- Resignation
  •  C- Qualifications for Academic Rank
  •  D- Qualifications for Specific Academic Rank-  Traditional Method
  •  E- Qualifications for Specific Academic Rank-  Substitution Method
  •  F- Promotion
  •  G- Salary Increases

3-12c Work/Life Procedures

  •  A- Work/Life
  •  B- Procedure
  •  C- Tools for Our Flexible Workplace

3-12d Ethical Standards of Professional Behavior

3-12e Years of Service Recognition

  • A- General
  • B- Definitions
  • C- Years of Service Awards

3-12g  Employee Evaluation

  • A- General
  • B-  Administrators and Support Staff
  • C- Faculty
  • D- Step Increases
  • E-  Less than Satisfactory Evaluations
  • F-  Employee Rights

3-12h  Rewards and Recognition for Administrators & Staff

3-12i Faculty Rewards and Recognition

3-14a Separation from Employment – Appeal Procedure

  •  A- Involuntary Termination, Dismissal, or Suspension
  •  B- Procedure for Appeal

3-14b Separation and Retirement

3-14c Retrenchment Procedures

3-17 Discrimination Complaint Procedures

  •  A- Procedures
  •  B- Initiation of a Complaint
  •  C- Fact Finding
  •  D- Conference with the President
  •  E- Appeal
  •  F- Standard of Evidence
  •  G- Confidentiality
  •  H- Reprisals and False Complaints
  •  I- Disciplinary Action
  •  J- Retaliation
  •  J- Disciplinary Action

3-21 Sabbatical Leave Procedure

  • A- General Application
  • B- Sabbatical Categories and Guidelines
  • C- Note: Sabbatical project presentations will be utilized to enhance FCC’s current
    employee and faculty development programs- Presentations will also be provided to
    the Board of Trustees-

3-26 Emeritus Status

  • A- Eligibility and Criteria
  • B- Procedures
  • C- Privileges

3-27 Employee Sick Leave Bank

  •  A- Rules and Procedures
  •  B- Administration 

3-28 Procedures for Requesting Family and Medical Leave

  •  A- General
  •  B- Definitions
  •  C- Eligibility
  •  D- Substitution of Sick Leave, Compensatory Time and Annual Leave
  •  E- Benefits
  •  F- Reinstatement of Employment
  •  G- General Provisions
  •  H- Procedures for Requesting Leave 

3-31 Nepotism Procedure

  •  A- General
  •  B- Definitions
  •  C- Employment Activities
  •  D- Learning Activities
  •  E- Remedies


4-10 Admissions

  • A- Procedures for Credit Courses or Programs
  • B- Procedures for Continuing Education Courses and Programs

4-11 Academic Placement and Assessment Procedures

4-12 a Awarding of Credit

4-12 b Academic Progress Procedures

4-12 c Grading

4-12 d Computation of Grade Point Average (GPA)

4-12 e Change of Schedule

4-12 f Change of Major

4-12 g Catalog Year Procedure

4-12 h Articulation Agreements

4-12 i Graduation Requirements

4-12 j Course Substitutions

4-12 k Academic Clemency

4-13 Student Records - The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

4-15 Violation of Academic Integrity

  • A- Introduction
  • B- Definitions
  • C- Investigation of Alleged Violations
  • D- Imposition of a Sanction
  • E- Appeals

4-16 Intellectual Property

  • A- Definitions
  • B- Creator
  • C- College Resources
  • D- Ownership of and Rights to Intellectual Property
  • E- College Participation in Ownership of Intellectual Property

4-17 Course Participation and Attendance

4-18 Awarding a Posthumous Degree or Special Recognition Award


5-11a Code of Student Conduct

  • A- Philosophy and Purpose
  • B- Application and Scope of Jurisdiction
  • C- Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • D- Definitions
  • E- Procedural Safeguards
  • F- Proscribed Conduct
  • G- Sanctions
  • H- Emergency Disciplinary Procedures
  • I- Additional Conditions
  • K- Conference with Alleged Violator
  • L- Investigation of an Alleged Violation of the Code of Student Conduct
  • M- Administrative Hearing
  • N- Initiation of a Hearing by the Student Discipline Committee
  • O- Hearing Procedure
  • P- Appeal of the Decision by Student Discipline Committee
  • Q- Reenrollment Following a Disciplinary Suspension
  • R- Records

5-11b Behavior Evaluation and Response Team

  • A- Introduction
  • B- Team Composition
  • C- Reporting Concerns
  • D- Responding to Reports

5-11c Administrative Withdrawal and Evaluation

  • A- Administrative Withdrawal
  • B- Determinations with Respect to Administrative Withdrawals
  • C- Medical and/or Psychological Evaluation Procedure
  • D- Response to Suicidal Behavior

5-12 Residency

5-13 Tuition and Tuition Refund

5-17 Classroom Behavior 

5-18a   Grievance Procedure for Students:  Grade Disputes

5-18b   Student Grievance Procedure for Non-grade Complaints

5-18c   Grievance Procedure for Students:  Americans with Disabilities and Section 504 

5-19  Student Sexual Harassment


6-17 Naming of Buildings, Spaces, and Programs

  • A- Introduction
  • B- Definitions
  • C- General Conditions
  • D- Procedure
  • E- Responsibility
  • F- Naming for Individuals
  • G- Naming for Corporations
  • H- Financial Contributions
  • I- Changed Circumstances and Renaming
  • J- Donor Contribution Levels

6-18 Parking and Fines Procedures

6-20 Use of College Facilities

6-21 Smoking Procedures

  • A- Introduction
  • B- Notification about the Policy/Procedures
  • C- Enforcement
  • D- Reporting and Tracking Violations
  • E- Adjudication
  • F- Smoking Prevention and Cessation Resources

6-22 Weapons

6-23 Employee and Student Drug and Alcohol Procedures

  • A-Drug and Alcohol
  • B- Standards of Conduct
  • C-Employee Regulations
  • D-Student Drug Free Pledge
  • E- Reporting an Alleged Violation of the Employee & Student Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • F-College Sanctions
  • G-Local, State and Federal Law Descriptions Relating to Alcohol and Drug Use
  • H- Health Risks Associated with Alcohol and Drug Use
  • I- Substance Abuse Prevention Program and Notification to Employees
  • J- Getting Help
  • K-Area Drug and Alcohol Abuse Services

6-24 Sexual Assault Prevention, Action, and Response Procedures

6-26a Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

6-26b General E-mail

6-26c PeopleSoft System Access

6-26d Administrative Access Rights

6-26e Password Security Network Application and Voicemail

6-26f Software Acquisition Installation and Support

6-26g Disposal of Surplus Computer Equipment

6-26h Account Termination

6-26i Telephone Procedures

6-26j myFCC

6-26k Computer Lab Usage

6-26l Laptop Loan

6-26z Violations of Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

6-27 Web, Marketing & Promotions

6-28 Whistleblower Protection

6-29 Copyright Compliance

6-32a Key Procedures

6-32b Mailroom Procedures

6-32c Procedures for Visitors and Children on Campus

6-32d Contract and Document Signing Procedures

  • A- General
  • B- President
  • C- Vice President for Administration
  • D- Vice President for Learning/Provost
  • E- Vice President for Learning Support

6-32e Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

  • A- Purpose
  • B- Scope
  • C General Information
  • D Responsibilities
  • E Procedures

6-32f Workplace Violence

  • A Definition
  • B Incident Reporting
  • C Investigation and Action

6-33 Use of Force

6-40 Cash Procedures

College Policies