Classroom Technology

Please use the red links below each building photo to view instructions for and photos of the technology equipment in campus classrooms.

If you have any questions or need additional technical assistance please contact the FCC Helpdesk at extension 3333.

For more information contact

From on campus dial extension 3333.
From off campus call 301.846.2400 and ask to be connected to the helpdesk or by pressing # to dial by extension and enter 3333

Administration Hall (A Building)

Administration Hall



Classroom/Student Center
Classroom/Student Center



Academic Hall (B Building)

Academic Hall

Science & Technology Hall (C Building)

Science & Technology Hall

Fieldhouse (D Building)

Field House

Conference Center

Conference Center

Library Building (L Building)

Library Building

Sweader Hall

Sweadner Hall

Arts & Student Center (F Building)

Arts & Student Center

Administrative Services (G-Building)

Administrative Services


Advanced Workforce Training Center

Advanced Workforce Training Center





Contact Information

Kim Fisher
Director Support Services