Emergency Closing Procedure

When inclement weather, hazardous road conditions or other emergencies make the closing (or delayed opening) of the College necessary, the procedures outlined below will be followed. If an emergency or inclement weather occurs overnight the College will provide announcements concerning cancelations, closings, and delays normally by 5:30 a.m.

Sources for Emergency Announcements Standard Emergency Announcements

Primary Broadcast Sources

  • In the absence of an announcement, the College is open and operating under normal schedules.
  • The College does NOT follow the same schedule as Frederick County Public Schools or county government.

Other Broadcast Sources

WFMD(AM 930) WFRE (FM 99.9)
WAFY (FM 103.1) WARX (FM 106.9)

NEWS4 (Ch. 4) WTTG FOX-5 (Ch. 5)
ABC (Ch. 7) News Channel 8
WUSA-TV (Ch. 9) WBAL (Ch. 11)
WJZ-TV (Ch. 13) WHAG-TV (Ch. 25)

Social Media:

FCC's official Facebook page

1. FCC will open at "X"

FCC and the Children's Center will open at the designated time and will follow normal schedules after the delay. This applies to all faculty, staff and students. College delayed openings for weather will always be at 11 a.m. (Note: all classes and activities starting prior to 11 a.m. are canceled). However, depending on changing weather conditions, the decision to open at 11 a.m. or to close will be re-evaluated at 9 a.m. When in doubt, call 301.846.2400 or check the web sites for the most current updates BEFORE you head to campus.


Important Notes:

  • Radio and TV stations might not use the exact words we provide them, so please be aware that announcements could differ from station to station. We advise you to check at least two sources.

  • As weather conditions change, the College may announce closings during the day or evening, as well. Always check at least two sources before heading to the campus.

2. FCC is closed

Only "essential" personnel (emergency maintenance and clerical personnel) who have been designated by the Vice President for Administration should come to work and will be allowed on campus. NO students, faculty, or other staff members will be allowed on campus. The Children's Center will also be closed.

  • If FCC is closed for inclement weather or any other reason, classes at the Monroe Center are also canceled.
  • FCC classes held at the Mount Airy College Center for Health Care Education follow Carroll Community College's closing schedule.
  • If FCC is open and Frederick County Public Schools is closed, FCC classes held at FCPS locations are canceled.
IMPORTANT NOTES when the College delays opening
Doors will open 30 minutes prior to the announced opening.
"Non-essential" personnel and students will not be allowed on campus more than 30 minutes prior to the announced opening in order to allow the College's maintenance and security staff enough time to prepare the campus for opening (clearing snow from sidewalks, parking lots, roads, etc.) "Essential" personnel are classified as emergency maintenance, security and clerical personnel who have been designated by the Vice President for Administration to be on campus.