Catalog Year 2017/2018

Area of Concentration within the Associate of Science (A.S.) in Arts and Sciences transfer

Designed for students seeking the bachelor of science degree in nursing. Students pursue a curriculum in general education with subjects that are supportive of nursing. Students are advised to check the requirements of the institution to which they will transfer.

  • Students must complete their credit English and Mathematics within the first 24 credits.
  • One general education course must meet the cultural competence graduation requirement. 
  • CORE: The General Education CORE is that foundation of the higher education curriculum providing a coherent intellectual experience for all students. Students should check with an advisor or the transfer institution (ARTSYS) before selecting General Education CORE requirements.
Course Credits
EN 101–English Composition 3
MA 206–Elementary Statistics  or
MA 207–Elementary Statistics with Probability
Social & Behavioral Sciences
PS 101–General Psychology 3
SO 101–Introduction to Sociology 3
Arts & Humanities
Arts Elective (GedEd course list) 3
Communications Elective (GedEd course list) 3
EN 102–English Composition & Literature 3
Biological & Physical Sciences
BI 103–Anatomy & Physiology 4
BI 104–Anatomy & Physiology 4
Interdisciplinary & Emerging Issues
Two courses selected from different disciplines 6
PE/Health Requirement  (HE 102 or HE 200 elective satisfies this requirement)  
Area of Concentration
ED/PS 208–Human Growth & Development 3
BI 120–Microbiology for Allied Health  or
BI 203–Elements of Microbiology
CH 101–General Chemistry 4
HE 102–Nutrition in a Changing World  or
HE 200–Principles & Applications of Nutrition
Chemistry, Math or Social Science are recommended 11
Students should check with an advisor or transfer institution (ARTSYS) before selecting their electives.
Total 60
FCC has articulation agreements with the following institutions for students graduating with an A.S. in Pre-Nursing and who are looking for transfer opportunities. For more information, contact the Counseling & Advising Office at 301.846.2471.
  • Stevenson University –B.S. Nursing