Government & Politics

A.A. Degree, Transfer
An Option of Arts & Sciences

Designed primarily to prepare students to transfer to four-year institutions. Students studying government and politics can expect to find careers in government, law, business and teaching.


Barbara Angleberger
Department Chair

Academic Office Manager

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Courses Credits
EN 101–English Composition 3
Mathematics Elective (GenEd course list) 3/4
Social & Behavioral Sciences  
HI 201–History of the United States 3
PI 104–American Government: National 3
EC 201–Principles of Economics (Macro) 3
HI 202–History of the United States 3
PI 206–Civil Liberties 3
SO 102–Social Problems ‡ 3
Arts & Humanities  
Arts Elective (GenEd course list) ‡ 3
EN 102–English Composition 3
PH 101–Introduction to Philosophy 3
CMSP 103–Speech Fundamentals   or  
CMSP 105–Group Discussion ‡ 3
Biological & Physical Sciences (One lab course required)  
Biological & Physical Sciences Elective (Lab course) (GenEd course list) 4
Biological & Physical Sciences Elective (GenEd course list) 3/4
Interdisciplinary & Emerging Issues  
Choose from 2 categories:  
Computer Literacy Elective  (GenEd course list)  
Interdisciplinary Issues Elective  (GenEd course list) ‡  
Multicultural Issues & Perspectives Elective (GenEd course list) ‡  
Wellness Elective (GenEd course list) 6
PE/Health Elective (A Wellness course will satisfy this requirement) 1/3
Other Requirements  
Electives ‡  12
Total 61/66
‡ All degree-seeking students must complete a Cultural Competency course in order to graduate. SO 102 fulfils this requirement.
Students will be able to:
  1. Graduates will demonstrate a general familiarity with the political institutions and processes of the government of the United States.
  2. Graduates will apply the basic approaches and terminology used in the discipline of political sciences.
  3. Graduates will create a thesis statement exploring issues in political sciences.
  4. Graduates will use basic research skills necessary to write a paper in the discipline of political sciences.
  5. Graduates will employ a formal style of writing and the professional ethics that historians use in their work.
The Career & Transfer Center has a variety of print and electronic resources available to help with transfer planning. ARTSYS, a computerized articulation system created especially to help community college students transfer to Maryland four-year institutions is available, as well as College Source and College Board. College Source also allows students to view college catalogs from across the nation. For more information, visit the Career & Transfer Center, Enrollment Services Building, J-201, 301.846.2594.