Courses and Programs

Wherever you are on your learning journey, we offer programs and courses for people of all ages. Earn credits toward a certificate or associate’s degree, or transfer to a four-year college or university. You can also expand your skills and enrich your interests through our non-credit, continuing education courses.

Time Commitment for Academic Success

At Frederick Community College, in all credit courses, students are expected to invest a minimum of two hours completing out-of-class course work for every hour of in-class instructional time. For example, in a 3-credit course, students experience at least 37.5 hours of instructional time and should invest a minimum of 75 hours in out-of-class time preparing for the course and completing assignments. In a traditional 15-week, 3-credit course, this equates to an average minimum of 5 hours per week.  For online and hybrid courses, students can expect active instructional time and “out-of-class” course work comparable to face-to-face courses with the same number of credits.

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