1. Are honors classes harder?

Many courses available at Frederick Community College (FCC) are offered in an Honors format. The courses have the same approved core learning outcomes and content requirements as regular courses.

The Honors College at Frederick Community College (FCC), however, is designed for students who want more out of their college learning experience. There is an expectation that students will do the assigned reading, participate in class discussions and co-curricular activities, as well as complete a research/critical analysis project.

2. How do honors classes differ from regular classes?

Honors courses are smaller (10-15 students), emphasize critical thinking/research projects, and typically stress a high level of reading, writing, and discussion. This also means you get close interaction with superb faculty and academic opportunities not typically found at the undergraduate level. Co-curricular activities include field trips, guest speakers, forums, and seminars.

In addition, Honors students have courses available only to them. For example, ID 200H-Honors Seminar: Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies (3) operates as an interdisciplinary seminar designed for honors students and open to other qualified students with permission of the instructor. Topics vary from semester to semester but will synthesize work from at least two different academic content areas and focus on issues of importance to society.

Honors students can also take Honors Independent Study (IS) and work with a faculty mentor to explore a topic of interest. Honors (IS) engages students in the literature and research methodology of a field of study.

3. Are grades weighted?

No. The designation of H for each course listed on your transcribe tells prospective employers, scholarship reviewers, and admissions officers that you strive for academic excellence at the highest level. Students who excel with Honors courses on their record distinguish themselves from their peers.

4. Why should I participate in the Honors College at FCC?

Ask yourself what do you want out of college? Life? The Honors experience can open paths of discovery for you to explore and enhance your academic opportunities for future growth. By choosing Honors, the road less traveled, you can learn, grow, and change . . . while preparing to meet the challenges beyond the next horizon.

Campus Locations

  • H-244 Honors Coordinator
  • H-245 Honors Office
  • H-247 Honors Lounge
  • H-248 Honors Classroom