Science Department

Welcome to the Science Department at FCC.
Enthusiastically led by a faculty Science Students
with broad ranging interests,
training, and experiences; complimented by an excellent support staff and adjunct instructors, the Science Department at Frederick Community College offers a wide variety of courses in the physical and biological sciences.  We are a department dedicated to constantly improving student learning.  As you learn about yourself, your world, and the universe, our goal is that you will grow in your understanding of the role of science in society.  As scientifically literate citizens you can then effect positive change for yourself and those around you.  We invite you to come explore the world of science with us. 

Programs of Study

Faculty Listing 

Associate in Science (A.S.)

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering

Please refer to the catalog for curriculum requirements

Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)

  • Bioprocessing Technology

Please refer to the catalog for curriculum requirements


  • Bioprocessing Technology

Please refer to the catalog for curriculum requirements

Full-time Faculty

Natasha Cleveland Associate Professor- Physical Science
Charles Cottingham  Professor - Biology
Debra Ellis Associate Professor - Chemistry
Bob Ford  Professor - Science Chair
Marc Frankenberry Assistant Professor - Biology
Gengshi Lu  Associate Professor - Biology
Keri-Beth Pettengill Associate Professor/Program Manager, Bioprocessing Technology
Joseph Rosebrock Associate Professor - Biology/Program Manager, Human Biology
Michelle Stanton Instructor - Chemistry
Kileen Turner-Wiley Assistant Professor - Biology
Perry Wood Assistant Professor - Physics

Science Lab Support 
Lorrell Angelety Technician I, Science Lab
Alma Diggs Technician I, Science Lab
Christopher Gladding Technician II, Science Lab
Edith Hillard Manager, Science Lab

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Sharon Smith
Academic Office Manager
Phone: 301.846.2510

Bob Ford
Professor, Chair
Phone: 301.846.2628