Mathematics A.S. (Transfer)

Mathematics is the basis for many disciplines—from engineering to business to computer technologies. FCC’s math department is committed to student learning. Through classes, tutorial services, and special workshops, math faculty work collaboratively with students to help them grasp the concepts, formulas, and principles of the math universe. Faculty offices open onto a common student space, making office hours and drop-in visits very popular and informal.

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Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center in B112 is staffed with friendly faculty, tutors and lab aides to help you succeed in your math course. Drop in any time for a quiet place to study, ask questions, get help with your calculator, use resources such as solutions guides and videos, and get information about math tutoring. During the Fall and Spring semesters, the Math Learning Center is open. Please check Math Learning Center hours on the math department web page or the hours are posted on the door of B112.

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