ASL Studies

This certificate is designed to introduce signing and give students the chance to practice and gain confidence in communication with those who are deaf and hard of hearing. The knowledge gained through this certificate will provide a strong foundation for working in the deaf community and will enhance the quality of service to the deaf. Human service workers, allied health professionals, and those involved in education who learn to communicate through American Sign Language will provide their workplace with an important and urgently needed service to the deaf and hard of hearing members of our community.

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Please refer to the catalog for curriculum requirements.

The curriculum includes:

  • ASLS 100 ASL Finger Spelling
  • ASLS 101 Visual Gestural Communication
  • ASLS 102 American Sign Language I (ASL I)
  • ASLS 103 American Sign Language II (ASL II)
  • ASLS 106 Introduction to the Deaf Community
  • ASLS 107 Introduction to the Deaf History 
  • ASLS 108 ASL Number Use
  • ASLS 202 American Sign Language III (ASL III)
  • ASLS 203 American Sign Language IV (ASL IV)
  • ASLS 206 American Deaf Culture
  • INTR 103 Internship

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David Martin, Assistant Professor
Program Manager-ASL Studies
Phone: 240.575.2299

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For more information contact:

David Martin
Assistant Professor
Program Manager-ASL Studies
Phone: 240.575.2299
Fax: 301.846.2498