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Veterinary Assistant Certificate Program



A veterinary assistant provides assistance to veterinary technicians and veterinarians in an animal hospital environment. Some of their duties include customer service, setting up exam rooms, processing lab specimens, prepping animals for surgery, monitoring medication and radiology logs, setting up and tearing down surgical suites, autoclaving instruments and communicating effectively between the vet and the consumer.

The duties and responsibilities of veterinary assistants are less involved compared to those of a fully credentialed veterinary technician. Veterinary technicians have earned a two-year degree and usually passed a state board examination for certification. Position requirements include a minimum age of 18 and a high school diploma or GED.



Where do veterinary assistants work?

Veterinary assistants work in animal clinics and hospitals and may even find jobs in research facilities. Most practices are open daytime hours, but some are open weekends and overnight hours.

What is the salary range for veterinary assistants?

Veterinary assistants earn approximately $9-$12 per hour.

Will Frederick Community College help me get a job after I successfully complete the Veterinary Assistant Certificate?

Frederick Community College does not offer job placements. In some cases, employers call the program manager or contact the instructor with employment opportunities. The program manager will see that all students receive this information. The FCC Career and Transfer Center (see Important Contact Information Section VII) offers free resume writing and interviewing assistance.



What is a brief overview and a general schedule for FCC's Veterinary Assistant Certificate?
FCC's Veterinary Assistant program consists of a required preparatory course and a series of four core courses. Each of the four core courses has a clinical site practicum in the total number of hours to allow you the opportunity to get hands-on experience in veterinary clinics/hospitals. The general course schedule is: FALL - VET110, VET111, VET112; SPRING - VET113, VET114.

What are the total hours needed to complete the Veterinary Assistant Certificate?
Including all prerequisites, classroom and practicum at clinical site(s), the program is a total of 150 hours.

What is the total cost to complete the Veterinary Assistant Certificate?
The entire program, Including all prerequisites, classroom and practicum at clinical site(s) is approximately $1600.

What type of certification will I earn?
After successful completion of the Veterinary Assistant program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Frederick Community College.



What do I need to know before I start in the Veterinary Assistant Certificate?
You must be 18 years of age at the time of registration and have earned a high school diploma or GED. You must also sign a student consent form prior to any and all clinical site practicum work.

What are the academic requirements for the Veterinary Assistant Certificate?
In order to register for the courses in the Veterinary Assistant Certificate, you will need to place into MA82 and EN52 or higher on the Accuplacer math and English placement tests. You do not need to have completed the MA82 and EN52 courses, just receive a score indicating that you have placed into those course levels. You are exempt from taking the placement tests if you have received a letter grade of ‘C’ or higher in a college-level math course and a college-level English course.

  • How do I take the FCC placement exams?

    FCC utilizes the computer-based Accuplacer system for English and mathematics placement testing. You can take the placement exams by visiting the FCC Testing Center. There is no charge to take the placement exams and testing is offered on a drop-in basis with no appointment needed. You will need a photo ID and your FCC Student ID# when you arrive to take your placement tests. If you do not have an FCC Student ID# or do not remember it, please contact the Welcome & Registration Center.

    For more details on placement testing, please contact the FCC Testing Center or go to:

  • What do I do if I have already met the prerequisites and do not need to take the FCC placement exams?

    Please contact the FCC Welcome and Registration Center for more information on providing documentation of previous coursework.

What courses are included and what are the hours of each?


Course Number


Practicum Hours



Preparation for Veterinary Assistant Certificate






Outpatient Care






Diagnostics and Pharmacy






Patient Care and Treatment






Surgery, Anesthesia & Emergency Care






Certificate Totals:






How long does it take to complete the Veterinary Assistant Certificate?
Including all prerequisites, classroom and practicum at clinical site(s), the program takes approximately nine (9) months to complete.

Where do I buy textbooks?
Course manuals and workbooks are provided to you the first night of class and are part of the cost of the program.

What is the total cost to complete the Veterinary Assistant Certificate?
The entire program, Including all prerequisites, classroom and practicum at clinical site(s) is approximately $1600.

How can I pay?
Classes must be paid for upon registration.

  • Is there a payment plan for the Veterinary Assistant Certificate?

    No. At this time the Veterinary Assistant Certificate is not eligible for the College’s payment plan.

  • Is financial aid available for the Veterinary Assistant Certificate?

    No. Continuing education programs are not eligible for Federal financial aid at this time.

  • Are there scholarships available for the Veterinary Assistant Certificate?

    Yes. The College does have a number of scholarships for which students may be eligible. Contact the Financial Aid Office.

  • Are there other sources of financial assistance to pay for the Veterinary Assistant Certificate?

    Yes. Frederick County Workforces Services may have funding available for students entering the Program. Contact Frederick County Workforce Services for more information prior to enrolling.



Must I attend every session?
You are expected to attend and actively participate in every session. Active participation includes contributions to lecture and group discussions and activities, and hands-on demonstrations. A minimum of 80% attendance is required for the classroom portion of the program. You must complete 100% of your practicum hours. In case of illness or other personal emergency, you are to notify the instructor and the clinical site (if practicum hours) prior to the scheduled time if at all possible. It is your responsibility to contact the instructor and to make up any missed instruction and assignments.

Will there be tests?
You will be given quizzes to assess your learning. You must receive a minimum of 80% on each quiz or required classroom activity to successfully complete the course. Additionally, you will be assessed on your demonstrated competency in hands-on skills at your clinical site(s). In order to successfully complete the course, you must also satisfactorily complete the assignments in your Clinical Practicum Activity Workbook, as determined and signed off on by the veterinarian or veterinarian technician supervising you at your clinical practicum site(s).

Do I need a uniform and/or supplies or equipment?
You will be provided with one set of scrubs and a stethoscope. The cost of these items is included in your course fees. You are responsible to wear your scrubs as determined by your instructor and your clinical site(s).

Where are classes scheduled?
Classroom lectures and skills training are held at Frederick Community College's Monroe Center, 200 Monroe Avenue, Frederick, MD 21701.

Where will I perform my practicum?
Practicum is held at various approved clinical sites throughout Frederick County.
You will have the opportunity to request your preference of clinical sites; however, we cannot guarantee you will receive your first choice. You will work directly with the clinical site(s) to determine your days/dates and times/hours.

May I perform the clinical course at my current place of employment?
If your place of employment is an approved clinical site and is willing to supervise and verify by signature your clinical hours and your successful completion of the tasks and procedures listed in the Student Clinical Practicum Activity Workbook, you may do your practicum hours at your current place of employment. You must be supervised by a qualified professional (veterinary technician or veterinarian). If this is an option you wish to pursue, please discuss with your classroom instructor and the program manager before making any arrangements.

Will I be working with bodily fluids?
You can expect to work with animal blood, urine and fecal samples, as well as other bodily fluids as exposed to at the clinical site(s).



What are my next steps to enroll?
You must first document that all of your prerequisites have been met. Please contact the FCC Welcome & Registration Center for more information on providing documentation of previous coursework.

How do I register?
You can register during active registration periods by completing an FCC Continuing Education Noncredit Registration form. To download, please go to and follow the instructions printed on the form.

Contact Information:

FCC CE Veterinary Assistant Certificate Program Manager:301.846.2404

FCC CE Veterinary Assistant Certificate Program Assistant: 301.624.2722


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