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Frederick Community College offers the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic to further provide you with a safe, enjoyable riding experience.

The Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic improves your ability to ride through turns with confidence by focusing on throttle control, throttle/brake transition, corner entry, line selection, motorcycle suspension, body position and corner transitions.

Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic

motorcycle training If you're an experienced motorcyclist interested in improving your riding skills The Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic (ARC) improves your ability to ride through turns with confidence. Based on the best-selling book, "Total Control," by National Champion, Lee Parks, focuses on:

  • Throttle Control
  • Throttle/Brake Transitions
  • Corner Entry
  • Line Selection
  • Motorcycle Suspension
  • Body Position
  • Corner Transitions

Whether you ride a full-dress cruiser, sport touring, standard motorcycle or sport bike, the cornering skills taught during the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic applies to your riding style. While these techniques may vary slightly for each type of motorcycle, all follow the same philosophical principals. If your primary interest is safety, the class helps you improve your ground clearance and confidence in corners. If you are interested in speed and smoothness, the techniques address these issues as well.

motorcycle trainingThe range portion, of the training, takes place in a large parking lot at FCC where each riding exercise is individually explained, demonstrated by an instructor, and practiced by you. Working on one skill at a time with constant instructor feedback creates the building blocks for consistent riding improvement. Each skill is built using small two-mph increments until the desired result is achieved. Typical corning speeds never exceed 20 mph, and while this may seem slow, it feels very fast while cornering around a 40-foot circle. Experienced instructors address bad habits and fears to create high rider confidence as lots of individual attention is available with student to instructor ratio never exceeding 6 to 1.

The course also includes a practical presentation on motorcycle suspension where you learn to analyze the effectiveness of your suspension and how to set it up for maximum traction, control and comfort.

While the curriculum for the Advanced Riding Clinic has been approved by the MVA, the course does not teach beginning riders how to ride and/or operate a motorcycle. Participation in this course does not prepare you for taking any driving tests for the purposes of obtaining a motorcycle license nor does it provide any waivers for MVA testing. The Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic is not associated with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)..

Pre-class activities start at 8:00 am and include motorcycle safety inspection, nametags, and completing class forms. Instruction begins promptly at 8:30 am.

Enrollment Requirements
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$325 and includes a workbook with explanations and examples of the techniques and concepts covered in the course. The book, "Total Control", by Lee Parks is not required for the course but may be purchased at the class.

Enrollment Requirements

You must provide your own bike, be at least 18 years old, have a current motorcycle license, insurance policy (proof of insurance will be required at registration) and have at least one year of riding experience.

You must also wear riding pants and a full face helmet in addition to eye protection, jacket, full fingered gloves, and sturdy over-the-ankle-footwear.

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