The Adult Education Program

Family Literacy

Family Literacy classes help you and your child to improve reading, writing and math skills.

Family Literacy classes are open to parents and other family members of pre-school and school-age children. Family Literacy programs provide parents and their children nurturing support and assistance, and offer educational and career development opportunities and related services.

While you are preparing for your General Education Development (GED®) test or improving your English skills, your child participates in learning activities taught by trained early childhood teachers at the same site as your class.

Family Literacy classes are open to clients of Family Partnership and Family Literacy program with Frederick County Public Schools.

To enroll in Family Literacy Program applicants must be:

• Clients of Family Partnership or Frederick County Public Schools Literacy Program
• Parents or custodial family members who have at least one child under four years old.
• Eligible for Adult Education (at least 16 years old and officially out of school).

For further information, please contact Family Partnership at 301-600-2206, or Frederick Community College at 240-629-7960 or email .

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