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History and Purpose
The Catoctin Center for Regional Studies was created in 1998 by Frederick Community College to study the history and culture of central Maryland and the border areas of neighboring states. This region, in the midst of the Catoctin Mountain range, encompasses an area rich in history and cultural heritage, and one that has long been a crossroads of people and ideas. From early wagon roads and the National Road, to ironworks and glassworks, to the C&O Canal and the B&O Railroad, to Antietam and Gettysburg, to abundant farms and traditional folkways, to cold war research and Camp David, the Catoctin region features an immense historical legacy. As more people enter this region, with consequent pressures to alter the existing landscape, there is a greater need to recover, analyze, and interpret the historical forces that shaped the region, and to assist the public in a continuing discussion about what is important to value and preserve.

The dual mission of the Catoctin Center for Regional Studies is t 1) promote the research and study of mid-Maryland (Washington, Frederick, and Carroll counties) and border areas of neighboring states, and 2) foster excellence in student learning through research. The four broad components are:

  • Research - foster the multidisciplinary study and interpretation of the history and culture of central Maryland and the border areas of neighboring states;
  • Teaching - offer educational opportunities, in the classroom and through hands-on learning experiences, for the public to learn about the region's history;
  • Communication - disseminate historical research and information to the region's public through a variety of innovative programs and activities;
  • Collaboration - help coordinate the exchange of information and resources concerning regional history and culture between regional academic institutions, cultural organizations, National Park Service units, other federal, state, and local government agencies, and the public.

Catoctin History

catalog coverCatoctin History is the illustrated regional history magazine of the Catoctin Center for Regional Studies. The magazine is a non-profit, educational forum for research and information about the history and culture of mid-Maryland and the surrounding area. Eclectic in design and content, Catoctin History offers a broad perspective on the region's past. The magazine is published two times a year, Spring and Fall.

catalog coverFor subscription information, please see the reply card in each issue, or call 301-624-2773, or write t Catoctin History, Frederick Community College, 7932 Opossumtown Pike, Frederick, MD 21702.

Catoctin History welcomes submissions and suggestions for feature articles and columns. Before sending any material, however, please first contact the Editor by e-mail, or by telephone at 301-624-2773, or by mail at the address listed above.

Contact Information

Dr. Dean Herrin
NPS coordinator
Catoctin Center for Regional Studies

Dr. Barbara Powell
FCC coordinator

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