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Lisa Freel

Lisa Freel,
Director of Admissions

Interested in applying and enrolling at FCC? Lisa Freel tells you everything you need to know.


Alberto Ramirez 

Alberto Ramirez, Director Learning Technology 
Alberto Ramirez traces the intersection of science, technology and human experience.
Will This Be on the Test?

Ken Kerr 

Ken Kerr, Ed.D.,
English Professor/Chair

After more than a decade in the college English classroom, Ken Kerr reflects on what he's learned.

Description: Mick OLeary

Mick O'Leary,Executive Director, Library 
Mick O'Leary helps you navigate the ever-changing world of libraries and information.
Learning ESL

Description: Maria Ammar 

Maria Ammar, 
Assistant Professor ESL

Maria Ammar provides tips and advice for those teaching and learning English as a Second Language.
Not the Thirteenth Grade

Shanna Hoopengardner 

Shanna Hoopengardner, 
Student, Mathematics '14
FCC student Shanna Hoopengardner defines success on her own terms. Her blog challenges the myths, stigmas and stereotypes that encircle higher education and community college life.

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- Communications and Community Relations, Specialist/Writer